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VRK HEALTH FOUNDATION is a nonprofit oriented organization founded to attain good health to all mankind through DIET.


According to a survey 48% of children under the age of 5 years and 36% of Indian Women are chronically under nourished and 55% of women are Anemic .Mal Nutrition problems results not from calorie intake but from dependency on a carbohydrate based diet which is low in protein and Fats. Nutritional Problems like Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM), Anemia and Vitamin A deficiency continue to plague a large portion of Indian Children, women .

One way to address the issue is through Nutritional schemes for pregnant women and Children. To improve nutritional levels (1) Encourage healthier food choices (2)Snacking on healthy foods is a good way to get extra nutrients and calories between meals (3)Adding supplements (4)Regular Exercises.

The saddest part in it is, the future generation of our country which is children under the age group of 5 years are found to be dangerously under nutritious levels and as per statistics approximately 1.5 million, or over 4500 child deaths are happening per day in India.

Apart from this ,Diabetics, Blood Pressure, Thyroid, pcod and many more diseases are witnessed in almost all families in India.People are spending thousands of their hard earnings for medicines to counter the diseases many times which are proving fatal.It is high time that , a scientifically proven diet plan should be designed to save the society .It is here exactly the crusader of health Sri Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna popularly known as VRK decided to propagate his diet plan which is specifically designed to tackle Diabetics, Blood pressure, Obesity etc. Lakhs of people followed his diet plan and benefitted .To have an expanded exposer to his diet plan which benefited lakhs of people and with an aim to reach many more people ,the idea of VRK HEALTH FOUNDATION took place.


VRK HEALTH FOUNDATION is formed as a nonprofit organization aimed at improving health conscious among society with available diet.

* To conduct health awareness campaigns in all corners of society through HEALTH ON WHEELS, a mobile bus service to reach interior areas , villages, towns ,hamlets.Sri VRK will address the people and make them aware how to counter many diseases with proper diet.

* To conduct research on many health issues like Diabetics, Blood Pressure, Thyroid ,Over Weight etc.

* To conduct series of researches on Curing /reducing the impact of Cancer through diet.

* To conduct research for identifying diet for Underweight children less than 5 years, Anemia in pregnant women and Nutrition for lactating mothers.

* To construct PARNASALA,A nature cure Resarch Centerwhich is being planned to operate on no profit method to enable patients who are not able to follow the diet plan by themselves at home.


To design a proven diet plan which can replace medicines and to strive to achieve for a disease free society .To enable all human beings to access the proven diet plan through seminars, workshops ,health on wheels and research publications. To bring to the reach of all people in the society an affordable nature cure Resarch Centerstrictly on no profit basis for total improvement of their general health conditions under the guidance of experienced doctors.


We at VRK HEALTH FOUNDATION strive to demand health to everyone as a fundamental right .Our mission is to set goals and identify measures to attain good health to everybody through diet. The team in the foundation is dedicated to promote and create disease free society with a mindset of noncommercial and service motto.


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